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Cook & Craft Easter Camps 2023


Our Cook & Craft Camp throughout the first week of April put budding bakers together, creating Easter treats and doing craft activities connected with each day's produce. Walk through our photo collages to learn more about their experience.

The first of four days started off with decorating their very own baker's apron and making Bird Nests. They crafted baskets to put these in and ferried the treats home to family and friends. The young bakers took ownership of the whole product lifecycle in this particular "day in the life".


Baking and decorating their unique Fruit Muffins was only the beginning for this group - who also demonstrated plenty of artistic creativity in their box decorations!

They got gooey and messy making Easter Eggs. Extracting each from their moulds, and wrapping them in turn, they then got truly crafty and creative.

The group decorated a basket to put their trio in, and departed us to show off and share with their friends and family.


They learned how to become master chocolatiers by the end of the week. Packed with sticky, sweet, chocolatey fun, our budding bakers crafted Easter Eggs and painted egg boxes.


Participants got a chance to experience and turn their hands to so many chocolate creations, as well as working with different craft materials from pen work right through gluing pompoms and feather together, all over the 4 days.

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