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Gourmet Brigadeiro


Our Gourmet Brigadeiro are the versatile sweet for every type of life celebration.


Whether it's for your wedding reception, a birthday party, or the gift that gives that bit more, your imagination is your only limit.


However you wish to use our Brigadeiro, they are infinitely personalisable. We know everyone wants their event to be unique and, as such, we want our product to be a part of making that happen.


Price List

Gourmet Brigadeiro - 25g apiece.

Brown cases as standard.

36 Pieces €‎ 36

72 Pieces €‎ 70

100 Pieces €‎ 90

150 Pieces €‎ 130

200 Pieces €‎ 165

250 Pieces €‎ 195

300 Pieces €‎ 220


Get in Touch

We're always looking to create something new and unique. Whether it's the sweets for your special occasion, or catering at your party, we can make it happen. 


Contact us and let's start creating...!


+353 (83) 826 1673

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