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Lauana's Favourites Collection

Lauana's Favourites Collection


Lauana, our co-founder, built this collection box with her all-time favourite flavours from her childhood and life as a chocolate creator!


While some flavors are classic, like Original (Milk chocolate) and Dark chocolate (her favourite), others are unique to Lauana, like Raspberry and Sicilian Lemon Mousse.



Raspberry - White Chocolate and Raspberry. Sweet ‘n’ Sour.

Original - The first ever recipe, dating to the 1940s

Sicilian Lemon Mousse - Italy meets Brazil. Refreshing and delicious.

Dark - Stylish and sophisticated



- Made from local ingredients

- Preservative-free

- Beautifully crafted packaging

- Handmade to order in Munster

- Weight: 240g

- Shelf-life: 5 days

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