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We love what me make and the whole process of making it. But what probably brings the biggest smile to our faces is the feedback we get from our customers when they have enjoyed our Gourmet Brigadeiro as much as we do.

We're here for you before your order (tell us what you're curious about and we'll give you the low-down), between order and delivery (prefer us to knock instead of ringing the bell?) and even when the last Brigadeiro from your box of 12 has been eaten ;)

Contact us using the form on our home page, by e-mail or through giving us a call. And we hope you find our menus, product details and Delivery & Refund policies helpful as you look through our site.


Thinking about stocking our stuff? We'd add a touch of colour & style to any shelf, so you're only too right to want to :)

If you would like to get the ball rolling, drop us an e-mail at or pick up the phone and ring Adam at 087-2117883 (he loves to talk!)


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